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Margherita's 97th Birthday and Family Gathering

Many family members decended upon Alden and Laurie's house in Colorado
to celebrate Margherita's 97th birthday in September 2012.

The Brusicks and Colorado Fidaos – and one from NM.

The Brusicks and Colorado Fidaos

From left to right, Margherita Fidao (wife of Maxime Charles Fidao who died in 2003),
Wendy Fidao, Philippe Brusick, Catherine Brusick, Laurie Fidao, Alden Fidao.
The night before Elena's wedding to Marcello in Milano, the Brusicks and Fidaos
met for dinner. For Wendy and Philippe, this was only their second meeting since they
first met in Bornova in 1964 (at ages 21 and 18!). For every one else this was a first
time meeting and it couldn't have been more enjoyable.

Kiersten Fidao ( Alden and Laurie's daughter), Margherita Fidao, and Wendy Fidao

Two Wendys

Here is the American Wendy (left) with the British Wendy (right) in front of the
Crane Neck house. (Apparently they both like striped turtlenecks.) In May 2005,
Wendy from London brought her partner Simon to New York City for his birthday.
They paid a visit to Wendy on Long Island where she lives on Crane Neck Point
with a view of Long Island Sound. Wendy and Simon roamed the beach and
collected horseshoe crab molts to take home. Horseshoe crabs are descended
from trilobites and exist on the east coast of the United States and in Japan.

Wendy and Simon

And here are Wendy and Simon.

Fidao gathering in Connecticut August 1999

Left to right: Lloyd Fidao, Lloyd Fidao, Jr., Jean Dohrman-Fidao (seated),
Laura Ann Fidao, Cyndy (Fidao) Clark, Valerie Lyn Clark, Ben Meryweather,
Marjorie (Fidao) Meryweather, Wendy Fidao, Lyn (Fidao) Fleischhacker,
Jim Fleischhacker, Mitzi Vallely Fidao, Klaus Clark, Viviana (Fidao) Fantino,
Roberto Fantino (standing), Christopher Lloyd Fidao (seated), Margherita (Doy) Fidao,
Maxime (Jay) Fidao.